693.94244/54: Telegram

The Chargé in Germany (Mayer) to the Secretary of State

167. Department’s 64, May 29. Discussed situation with the Foreign Office in accordance with instructions.

German representative at Nanking has just telegraphed suggesting that his Government, through representative at Tokyo, invite Japanese Government’s attention to the seriousness of the smuggling situation. While no decision has been taken as yet, Foreign Office believes that this suggestion will be followed and informal and oral representations will be made at Tokyo shortly.

The Department’s instruction afforded an opportunity to further contact with Erdmannsdorf12 who I feel has no illusions about Japanese plans with regard to North China. He did not think however that the Japanese designs went further than this section nor did he believe that either the Japanese or the Russians wanted to fight.

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It would be useful if from time to time the Department would provide me with information regarding Far Eastern affairs which I could pass on to Erdmannsdorf or discuss with him.

  1. Dr. O. von Erdmannsdorff, chief of the East Asiatic Section of the German Foreign Office.