500.A15A5/710a: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Chairman of the American Delegation (Davis)

64. As a result of the entirely new turn of events brought about by the German action in the Rhineland,71 there will no doubt be many exaggerated reports and rumors which, though they may have no foundation in fact, will undoubtedly be disturbing in their effects. In the course of these developments there is, of course, a possibility that there may be rumors or news stories tending to connect up this country with some of the developments. In any event we are unquestionably entering into a period of increasing tenseness in European affairs. What do you think of informally discussing with the Chairman of the [Page 87] Conference the possibility of expediting the discussion of any of the technical questions now pending in order that the delegation may have arrived at a substantial clarification of the important parts of the proposed treaty, so that as soon as possible the delegation might be in a position to plan to return on the assumption that the majority of the technical questions before the conference will be clarified probably in time for the delegation to sail before the end of this month? I would be glad to have your comment on this suggestion in the light of the new situation which has arisen in Europe.

  1. i. e., the military reoccupation of the Rhineland on March 7; see pp. 180 ff.