American Draft Note Regarding the Labeling of Sherry

Excellency: I have the honor to inform you that it is my understanding that the Federal Alcohol Administration is of the opinion that geographic names for distinctive types of wine ought not to be applied without appropriate qualification to wine originating in any other place than the particular region indicated by the name and that, therefore, it will issue on January 1, 1936, under the authority conferred upon it by Section 5 (e) of the Federal Alcohol Administration Act, approved August 29, 1935,30 regulations which will require that no wine in any immediate container labeled “Jerez”, “Sherry”, or “Xéres” shall be admitted to entry into the United States unless there shall appear on each label in direct conjunction with any of these names in letters approximately as conspicuous and emphatic as such name, an English word or words showing the country in which the wine was produced; provided, however, that any such wine may [Page 733] be admitted to entry without such special marking if there is presented to the Collector of Customs at the time of entry satisfactory evidence that the wine in question originated in the Jerez District of Spain.

Accept, et cetera.

  1. 49 Stat. 977, 982.