Memorandum by the Assistant Chief of the Division of Western European Affairs (Hickerson)

The Swedish Minister came in at 12:45 Saturday and handed Mr. Sayre two memoranda of that date incorporating the Swedish list of desiderata in the forthcoming trade agreement negotiations.24 Mr. Boström stated that he had dealt with newsprint paper and wood pulp separately because of our note of January 17, 1934, giving a commitment in regard to these products. It was, however, pointed out to him that he of course realized that this was not a commitment but an offer to make a commitment in return for “acceptable treatment of American commerce”; Mr. Boström said that he understood this.

Mr. Boström then inquired whether we could not undertake at an early date an exchange of views regarding the general provisions of the proposed trade agreement. Mr. Sayre commented that as he had remarked several times before, these general provisions will present no difficulties, since it is obvious from the examination of the informal draft which they have already handed us that the two countries are thinking along the same lines and seeking the same objective. Mr. Boström replied that, at the same time, it would improve materially Sweden’s chances of making concessions to American trade if we could [Page 733] obtain agreements at an early date on the general provisions. Mr. Sayre then replied that in the circumstances we would give them our views on the general clauses of the agreement as soon as we were in a position to do so, even though this might be prior to agreement on the two lists of concessions; Mr. Sayre went on to say that it would, of course, have to be distinctly understood that everything depended on the lists of concessions and satisfactory agreement in respect thereto. The Minister said that he of course understood this.

Mr. Sayre then stated that by the end of next week we hope to be in a position to begin an intensive discussion with them of the two schedules of concessions. He inquired whether the Swedish Government planned to send any additional experts over from Stockholm to take part in the discussions. The Minister said that he did not know but that he supposed that they would be guided by his recommendations and that he did not as yet know whether anyone would be needed; he continued that he had hoped that he and Mr. Wijkman would be able to handle the discussions but that if he required additional help he would cable for it.

J[ohn] D. H[ickerson]
  1. For one of the memoranda of December 6, see supra; the other memorandum and list of desiderata not printed.