893.512/1223: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the Minister in China (Johnson)

273. Department’s 162, June 20, 3 p.m., and your despatch 1593, June 28,52 in regard to Hunan dike surtaxes and wharfage dues.

[Page 604]
Department considers that the attitude taken in its 249, July 27, 11 a.m., 1931,55 paragraph 5, is still correct, but in view of the practical situation disclosed in Hankow’s despatch L. number 145 of June 7 to the Legation,56 the Department does not feel that any useful purpose would be served at this time by making any further protest if there is no evidence of discrimination against American nationals.
As the claim of the American oil companies to exemption from payment of dike surtaxes on kerosene and gasoline appears to be based on private agreements, the Legation and the Consul General should take no action other than to forward to the Chinese authorities such protests based on their private agreements as the companies may care to make in their own names (see Department’s telegram No. 16, January 19, 1932, 2 p.m., to the Legation,56 in this connection).
  1. Neither printed.
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