793.94 Commission/134: Telegram

The Consul General at Shanghai (Cunningham) to the Secretary of State

161. My telegram No. 99, February 23, 11 a.m., regarding third report League of Nations Committee. Fourth report dated March 4th [5th]56 covers recent developments including withdrawal of Chinese forces beginning March 1st. Report states as follows:

“Early in afternoon of March 3rd the Japanese military commander issued announcement that as the Chinese forces had retreated out of the area designated in the Japanese demands dated February 18th, thereby removing the menace to the safety of Japanese nationals as well as of the International Settlement, he had decided to order the Japanese forces to halt, for the time being, at the point[s] actually held and to stop fighting provided the Chinese forces did not resort to further hostile action. Japanese naval commander issued announcement in the same sense. In his report [the evening,] Chinese commander also announced that he had officially informed [ordered] all [Page 524] Chinese authorities [forces] to cease hostilities against the Japanese troops unless attacked by them.

It is important to make clear that all attempts to obtain an agreed armistice have hitherto failed. The Japanese have ceased their advance for the time being but local fighting nevertheless occurred in outlying districts during the night.

The interference by the Japanese with the police and other municipal function [arie]s reported in our second telegram continued during the whole of period under paragraph [review] and formed the subject of those [repeated] protests to the Japanese authorities.”

I have concurred in the report.

Repeated to the Legation and Nanking for information. Copy to the Minister.

  1. League of Nations, Official Journal, Special Supplement No. 101, vol. i, p. 204.