816.00 Revolutions/3: Telegram

The Minister in El Salvador (Curtis) to the Secretary of State

100. Gomez Zarate and Enrique Cordova were at revolutionary headquarters this morning. General Claramount was arrested last night by the police but the latter3 surrendered this morning. President Araujo refuses the demands of the revolutionists, of which the only important one is his resignation. The plan of the revolutionists is to put the Vice President in but no doubt he will be forced out as quickly as possible, but he probably does not have much desire for the office anyhow. President promised his truce until 10 a.m. tomorrow, and I believe the revolutionists will accept it for they have more to gain by delay than he has. [Paraphrase.] Those named were very probably back of the revolution, and I think that the last named was one of the leaders.4 [End paraphrase.]

  1. i. e., the police.
  2. See telegram No. 105, December 4, 1 p.m., p. 172, and pars. 4 and 5 of despatch No. 26, December 15, from the Minister in El Salvador, p. 197.