711.60c9 Liquor/1

The Polish Ambassador (Filipowicz) to the Secretary of State

No. 1512/30

Sir: I have the honor to inform you that the Polish Government desire to conclude a Convention with the Government of the United States to aid in the prevention of smuggling of intoxicating liquors into the United States and have instructed me to submit to Your Excellency the proposal of entering into negotiations which would ultimately lead to the conclusion of such a Convention.

My Government believe that, if it be agreeable to Your Excellency, such negotiations could be opened on the basis of a like Convention entered into by the United States and Denmark, signed in Washington on May twenty-ninth and proclaimed on July twenty-fifth, nineteen hundred and twenty four.1

The Polish Government have further instructed me to present as urgent the matter of closing the above mentioned Convention, a preliminary draft of which I have the honor to enclose,2 and to ask Your Excellency to consider it as such, thereby making possible a speedy transfer to Polish registry of the vessels of the newly established Polish Transatlantic Steamship Line, which would otherwise suffer delay.

Accept [etc.]

T. Filipowicz