The Chargé in Mexico (Lowry) to the Secretary of State

No. 2495

Sir: I have the honor to refer to the Department’s telegram No. 134 dated May 21 [20], 1930, 9 a.m. [6 p.m.] and to my reply thereto No. 104, dated May 28, 1930, 4 p.m.53 and to enclose a copy and translation of Foreign Office note No. 7890, dated May 27, 1930, in reply to my note, a copy of which was included with my despatch No. 2478 of May 23, 1930.54

I have [etc.]

Edward P. Lowry

The Mexican Minister for Foreign Affairs (Estrada) to the American Chargé (Lowry)

No. 7890

Mr. Chargé d’affaires: I reply to that Embassy’s courteous note number 1684 urgent, dated the 23rd instant, in which, with [Page 541] reference to the antecedents of the case, you were good enough to inform me that your Government proposes to instruct the American Boundary Commissioner to be in Mexico City early in the month of July for the purpose of initiating negotiations for a treaty which shall contain the points indicated in Minute 111 and such other matters as the two Governments consider may well be included in the proposed Convention, inquiring, at the same time, whether my Government is agreeable to the initiation of such negotiations in the early part of July, in order that the necessary arrangements may be made, with the presence of the Mexican Boundary Commissioner.

In reply, I have the honor to inform you that, although no agreement has been reached specifically to negotiate a treaty, but only to come to a satisfactory arrangement, contained, if necessary, in an official instrument the exact nature of which could later be determined, this Ministry is agreeable to having both Boundary Commissioners meet in the City of Mexico, for the purpose of examining (revisar) the recommendations contained in Minute 111, guided by (dentro de) the observations made in regard to said Minute by the Government of Mexico; and therefore I beg to suggest to you that said meetings be initiated beginning July 10th next.

I avail myself [etc.]

G. Estrada
  1. Telegram No. 104 not printed; it transmitted a portion of note No. 7890, May 27, 1930, from the Mexican Minister for Foreign Affairs, infra.
  2. Despatch No. 2478 and its enclosure not printed.