882.51A/9: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Minister in Liberia (Francis)


15. (1) Financial Advisor de la Rue’s resignation, which was contained in his letter dated July 1 and addressed to President King of Liberia, was forwarded to you by mail with the Department’s instruction No. 400, June 12.23 You should forward it immediately to President King, with a covering note in which, strictly confidentially, you inform him of President Coolidge’s designation of John Loomis, Strasburg, Virginia, as successor to De la Rue as Financial Advisor to the Republic of Liberia, under the terms of article 8 of the loan agreement. [Here follows a brief biographical sketch of Mr. Loomis.]

[Page 249]

The nominee is prepared to start at an early date for Liberia, so you should cable as soon as his designation has been approved by the Liberian Government, as provided in article 8.

(2) As soon as Mr. Loomis is appointed by the Liberian Government, he will proceed to select a nominee for the position in Liberia of Inspector of Internal Revenue, as provided in article 9. Further instructions will then be sent you on this subject.

(3) You should deliver the other three letters which were transmitted with the Department’s above-mentioned mail instruction as soon as the Liberian Government accepts De la Rue’s resignation.

(4) Please telegraphically report the results of action taken by you.

  1. Instruction No. 400 and its enclosures not printed.