893.512/842: Telegram

The Chargé in China (Perkins) to the Secretary of State

658. Following from Shanghai:

“Chinese tax authorities here yesterday unsuccessfully attempted to hold up cotton belonging to American firm of Anderson, Clayton and Company while being transferred in Chinese lighters from a godown at Pootungkuan to a cotton mill in the Settlement, insisting that an additional surtax of 54 tael cents per picul be paid. The attempt was frustrated by the use of an American-owned tug to tow the lighters to the Settlement side of the river. In view of an attempt being made to seize American property, I have protested to the Commissioner of Foreign Affairs but desire the Legation’s approval of a protest against the tax on the ground that it is in addition to both the usual duty and the Washington surtax.”

Legation is replying as follows:

“Legation approves protest but believes it should be based solely on the ground that the tax is contrary to existing treaty without mention of the tax being in addition to the Washington surtax. See last sentence Legation’s circular July 20, 1927, transmitting instructions contained in the Department’s telegram of July 12, 1927.”64

  1. See telegram No. 283, July 12, to the Minister in China, Foreign Relations, 1927, vol. ii, p. 397.