The Chargé in France (Whitehouse) to the Secretary of State

No. 8038

Sir: With reference to my telegram No. 434 of November 16th,6 transmitting a translation of the text of the note received that day from the Foreign Office, concerning the new French tariff decree affecting American products, I have the honor to forward a copy of the original note.

I have [etc.]

Sheldon Whitehouse

The French Ministry for Foreign Affairs to the American Embassy

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs thanks the Embassy of the United States for its aide-mémoire of November 8th,8 noting the agreement between the two Governments with regard to the interpretation to be given to points 1, 2, and 3 of the American aide-mémoire of October 24th.9 It takes note with satisfaction of this agreement as well as of the assurances respecting the measures which the Government of the [Page 703] United States is good enough to agree to take, both as concerns the foregoing points and the question of countervailing duties, as soon as it shall have been notified of the coming into force of the provisional customs regime contemplated by France in favor of American products. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has the honor to make known to the Embassy that this regime will be put into application on November 21st, 1927, by virtue of a decree which will appear in the Journal Officiel of the French Republic.10

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