The Chargé in Argentina (Cable) to the Secretary of State

No. 275

Sir: I have the honor to report that on April 22, 1927, a protocol was signed in Buenos Aires by Dr. Alberto Gutierrez, the Minister [Page 317] of Foreign Affairs of Bolivia, and Dr. Lisandro Diaz Leon, the Minister of Paraguay at La Paz, in which Bolivia and Paraguay accept the good offices of Argentina in the matter of the boundary dispute between the two countries.

It appears that several years ago, at a time when the Paraguayan-Bolivian relations had reached an acute stage, the Argentine Government tendered its good offices to the nations in question with a view to furthering an amicable settlement of this problem. The signing of the Protocol, therefore, can probably be ascribed to Argentina’s efforts.

The text of this document has been published by La Prensa, a translation of which reads as follows:

“Messrs. Alberto Gutierrez, Minister for Foreign Affairs of Bolivia, and Lisandro Diaz Leon, National Deputy of Paraguay, having met at the Legation of Bolivia in the City of Buenos Aires, on the 22nd day of the month of April, 1927, and being duly authorized by their respective Governments and animated by the desire to define and fix the international boundaries between the Republics of Bolivia and Paraguay in a friendly and satisfactory manner, have agreed upon the following:

  • “I. To repeat the acceptance of the good offices tendered by the Government of the Argentine Republic, with a view to promoting the cordial renewal of the negotiations to solve the boundary question existing between the two countries.
  • “II. For this purpose both parties agree to appoint Plenipotentiaries who will meet in this Capital within ninety days of the approval of this Protocol by the respective Governments.
  • “III. The Plenipotentiaries must define the matters which will form the subject of their deliberations. The arguments or proposals which will be presented in order to determine the boundary may include, in addition to the proof or antecedents of each legal claim, formulas of adjustment or territorial compensations.
  • “IV. Should it prove impossible to arrive at an agreement respecting the definite determination of the international frontier, the Plenipotentiaries will state the reasons for the disagreement and fix the limits of the zone which will form the subject of the decision of an Arbitral Tribunal to be appointed by mutual agreement.
  • “V. Each one of these results will be communicated to the Government of the Argentine Republic, under whose good offices the conferences will be held, at the same time that they are transmitted to the respective Governments.

“This Protocol, which is signed in duplicate, will be approved by the respective Governments as soon as possible.52

“Signed: A. Gutierrez

“Signed: Lisandro Diaz Leon.”

The Department will note that no mention is made in the Protocol of the character or composition of the Arbitral Tribunal which may be convened, should the nations in question fail to reach a settlement of their dispute.

[Page 318]

There has been as yet but little press comment on this event. The Buenos Aires Herald, however, says that Dr. Gallardo and the Argentine Foreign Office deserve all congratulations for their good work of inducing the Governments of Paraguay and Bolivia peacefully to discuss their differences in the calm atmosphere of Buenos Aires.

I have [etc.]

Philander L. Cable
  1. Approved by the Governments of Bolivia and Paraguay June 29, 1927.