500.A15/98: Telegram

The Minister in Switzerland (Gibson) to the Secretary of State

28. Following telegram just received from Drummond who is communicating it to the press.

“Members Council, France, Italy, Japan, Czechoslovakia, Uruguay, ask postponement meeting Preparatory Disarmament Commission to date to be fixed by Council in March, but in any case not later than 15th May. Have requested other members Council to give prompt opinion. Shall not fail to inform you of decision taken.54 Will be glad forward President Council any proposals you wish to submit. Drummond.”

  1. On Feb. 6 the Secretary General informed the members of the Preparatory Commission that the meetings fixed for Feb. 15 and 16 had been adjourned and that the question of dates had been placed on the agenda of the March session of the Council (file No. 500.A15/151, encl.).