The Secretary of State to President Coolidge

Dear Mr. President: On March 22, 1924 you issued a proclamation forbidding the exportation of arms or munitions of war to Honduras, in accordance with the provisions of a joint resolution of Congress approved January 31, 1922. As this proclamation made no provision for permitting the shipment of arms for commercial purposes, or for other shipments which it might prove advisable to allow to proceed, I wish to suggest that a supplementary proclamation be issued prescribing as an exception to the provisions of the joint resolution above referred to such arms and munitions of war as may from time to time be exported with the consent of this Department. I am transmitting herewith a draft of such a proclamation for your approval.26

A proclamation of this nature will make it possible to grant licenses for the shipment of arms and ammunition for commercial and industrial purposes and also, should it appear advisable, to permit shipments of arms to the provisional government which has recently been established in order to assist the new authorities to maintain order.

I am [etc.]

Charles E. Hughes
  1. See signed text, infra.