Memorandum by the Secretary of State of a Conversation with the Panaman Minister (Alfaro), January 4, 1923

The Minister left a long note with the Secretary2 and explained orally that he did so to set forth the position of the Government of Panama in relation to negotiations which were about to begin for the purpose of making a treaty to take the place of the Taft Agreement. The Minister explained that his Government was desirous of approaching the matter in the most friendly and conciliatory spirit. The Secretary said that the matter of the abrogation of the Taft Agreement was before Congress, and that as soon as it had been abrogated so as to open the way for negotiations this Government would be pleased to take the matter up with Panama. He was gratified at the statement made by the Minister and could assure him that this Government desired to deal with the matter in the same friendly spirit.

  1. See infra.