The Department of State to the Portuguese Legation


In replying to the Portuguese Chargé d’Affaires’ Memorandum of October 22,4a requesting information concerning the attitude of the Government of the United States toward the proposed plenary conference to discuss the future status of Tangier, the Department of State wishes to inform him that it has taken occasion recently to remind the Governments participating in the conference that while [Page 581] it has no political interest in Morocco it is fundamentally interested in maintaining the principle of the Open Door in Tangier, that is as stated in its ratification of the Act of Algeciras in securing equality of commercial opportunity and adequate protection for the life, liberty and property of its citizens.

This Government, of course, presumes that nothing will be done at the forthcoming conference to interfere with the principle above mentioned or with the rights and interests of the United States.5

  1. Not printed.
  2. In reply to a verbal inquiry by the Italian Ambassador, a memorandum in the same terms was sent him on Oct. 24.