881.00/844: Telegram

The Ambassador in Great Britain (Harvey) to the Secretary of State


417. I am informed that the French Delegate,3 quite unexpectedly to the Foreign Office, has put forward a new proposal which may turn out to be a basis for agreement. In broad outline it is that, while the French Government is not willing to relinquish the claim that the Sultan of Morocco, by reason of his individual sovereignty over the whole of the Sherifian Empire under French protection, is the ruler of the Tangier zone, France is now prepared to accept the internationalization of the local municipal administration of Tangier, as well as the internationalization of the port and the introduction of mixed tribunals. It is proposed further that the Sultan’s edicts are not to be operative in Tangier until they shall have been accepted by the representatives of the powers. This telegram has been repeated to Tangier, Paris and Madrid.

  1. The French representative sent to London to confer with regard to the status of Tangier.