811.7353b W 52/103: Telegram

The Chargé in Great Britain (Wheeler) to the Secretary of State

145. My 125, April 25, 11 a.m.86 Wednesday afternoon the Italian Ambassador informed Lord Curzon that the Government at Rome considered that the British opposition to the landing of the Western Union cable was without justification. Lord Curzon stated that he did not see why Italy took up the American contention in this case; that he did not see that Italy was interested. Delia Toretta explained that the Italian cable was to connect with the Western Union line at the Azores. The Foreign Minister then pointed out the alleged disadvantage to Italy from the commercial point of view of having South American messages from the peninsula routed via the United States.

Lord Curzon stated that he would forward to the Italian Embassy here a memorandum stating the position of the British Government and he requested that Rome take no further steps pending receipt of this memorandum. This memorandum will be shown to me.

At the Italian Embassy it is believed that Lord Curzon is playing for time until the Parliament at Lisbon adjourns.

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