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The French Ambassador (Jusserand) to the Secretary of State


Mr. Secretary of State: In compliance with instructions from my Government I have the honor to forward herewith to Your Excellency the text of a resolution passed on December 10, 1920, by the First Assembly of the League of Nations looking to the creation of [Page 111] an international health organization.75a The project, as Your Excellency will notice, contemplates placing under the League of Nations the International Public Health Office established in Paris under the arrangement signed at Rome on December 9, 1907.76 But this cannot be done without the approval of the International Public Health Office. The Secretary General of the League of Nations has just asked the French Government to gather adhesions to that effect.

Although the hints that have already been made to me today do not permit of hoping that the American Government will adhere to the project, I, nevertheless, deem it my duty to submit the said paper to Your Excellency’s examination and to add that so far as it is concerned the Government of the Republic is inclined to give its assent to the proposed measure conditioning such assent only on a few unimportant modifications in the text of the resolution. Your Excellency will please find the purport of such modifications in a memorandum77 which I also append to this note.

Please accept [etc.]

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