The Secretary of State to the British Ambassador (Geddes)

My Dear Mr. Ambassador: With reference to your note No. 238 of March 24, 1921, and to previous correspondence concerning the designation of a successor to Judge Tuck on the Egyptian Mixed Court of Appeal at Cairo, I beg to inform you that the Government of the United States is still without information of such a character as to induce it to change its opinion as to the desirability of the elevation of Judge Crabites to the Court of Appeal and the appointment of a new American Judge to one of the Courts of First Instance. It would be gratifying to this Government if the Government of Egypt could see its way to a withdrawal of its objections to the elevation of Judge Crabites. If, however, the Egyptian Government should not be disposed to modify its attitude, the Government of the United States, desiring to interpose no unnecessary [Page 915] obstacles to early action in filling the vacancy created by the retirement of Judge Tuck, would consent to the designation of Mr. Ellery Cory Stowell whose qualifications are described in the attached memorandum.18

This communication to you seems to make it unnecessary to transmit to Justices Holmes and Brandeis and to President Lowell and Professor Frankfurter, the letters addressed to them by Mr. Amos which were enclosed with your note of March 24th. Those communications are accordingly herewith returned to you.

I am [etc.]

Charles E. Hughes
  1. Not printed.