500.A4/62: Telegram

The Ambassador in Great Britain (Harvey) to the Secretary of State


618. Supplementing the proposal just read to me by Curzon, which Geddes will hand to you, the following is tentative British itinerary if you accept:

Balfour and Curzon will attend August 4 meeting of Supreme Council at Paris. …

On August 12, Lloyd George, Curzon, Meighen,49 Hughes, and Massey to sail direct to Bar Harbor on a fast warship, arriving [Page 47] August 18. They would remain one week returning August 25 to arrive in England on August 31. If acceptable to you and if housing arrangements can be made, they prefer Bar Harbor because as contrasted with New York or other port they could save one day sailing each way. Accommodations for the British delegation in cottages or hotels would be required for 20 to 24 including secretaries, etc., and for 15 personal servants. The Japanese, Curzon estimates, would require accommodations for 10 to 20. You should of course determine accommodations for your delegation and number comprising same. …

This proposal goes today to Japan but clearly Curzon expects a favorable response.

  1. Arthur Meighen, Canadian Premier and Secretary of State for External Affairs.