861.77/1930: Telegram

The Acting President of the Technical Board (Johnson) to the Secretary of State

Kappel Army excepting few staff trains all moved to Maritime Province. Bean wheat rate reduction Chinese-Eastern increased earnings eight hundred thousand gold rubles over what we otherwise would have earned enabling railway to meet January pay roll but leaving no balance for fuel and other bills. In spite of pressure Japanese paid nothing in January on transportation bills. Railway floated two million rubles short-time notes to meet fuel payments not including Fushun coal indebtedness but so far have kept these notes out of the hands of the Japanese banks. Railway owes three months Fushun coal. … Situation between the Chita government and the Japanese becoming tense with Chita massing troops at Habarovsk and Imperial Japan is trying to arrange with China to move armed troops across Manchuria in case hostilities break out. Dr. Wang78 apparently so far successful in [resisting] efforts of pro-Japanese elements to eliminate him. Pneumonic plague broken out west of Harbin spreading rapidly.

  1. Dr. C. C. Wang, Chinese representative on the Inter-Allied Technical Board and member of the Board of Directors of the Chinese Eastern Railway.