862.85/1253: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the Ambassador in France (Wallace)

1596. Your 1804, October 13.

For Boyden. Your B–279.46 Department’s B–150.46

For your information. By agreement of October 23 between Emergency Fleet Corporation and Peru contract for charter of ex-German Peruvian ships terminated, and Callao purchased by Corporation. Purchase price deposited in trust until Reparations Commission shall determine right, title and interest of Peru in Callao. If title is not sustained, sum with interest to be returned to Shipping Board. Peru agrees to use utmost efforts to secure relinquishment by Reparation Commission, or those whom it represents, of any claim to the title to vessel. Peru also transfers to Corporation all her right, title and interest to steamers Pisco, Luxor and Salaverry, now in use of French Government.
Peruvian Ambassador wishes your confidential opinion as to whether advisable for Peruvian Naval Attaché at Washington to proceed to Paris at this time for purpose of presenting claims of Peru to steamer Callao, and other ex-German ships, before Reparations Commission.47
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  3. According to a telegram of July 15, 1921, from Boyden (file no. 862.85/1348), the Reparation Commission decided on July 12, 1921, that these ships taken over by Peru were not on January 10, 1920, German ships and that therefore they were not ceded to the Allied and Associated Powers under annex III, part VIII, Treaty of Versailles.