The Japanese Embassy to the Department of State

On the 11th of May, 1918, the Secretary of State gave the Japanese Ambassador an assurance to the effect that the Government of the United States would not see any objection in the employment by the Chinese Government of Baron Sakatani as Financial Adviser.

In the course of conversation with the Chinese Minister of Finance on the 14th of January, the Secretary of the Japanese Legation in Peking was given to understand that it would be difficult for the Chinese Government to settle definitely the question of Baron Sakatani’s advisership before an understanding was arrived at between China and the United States in that connection.

Dr. Reinsch called on the Japanese Minister on the 16th of January and had a frank exchange of views in regard to the question of currency reform in China. On that occasion, the American Minister told Mr. Obata65 that he had not been informed by the American Government of the above stated assurance given to the Japanese Ambassador concerning Baron Sakatani’s Advisership.

At the request of the Chinese Government, Baron Sakatani is shortly proceeding to Peking where the final agreement with regard to his advisership will be settled.

  1. Torikichi Obata, Japanese Minister in China.