861.01/160: Telegram

The Commission to Negotiate Peace to the Secretary of State

4796. For the Secretary of State from Polk.

Your telegram[s] in regard to recognition of Kolchak received. I spoke to the British as I reported but Eyre Crowe89 apparently has no instructions. Pichon seems to be entirely in favor of it being done and thinks now is the time to do so. I suggest that if you are in favor of recognition of Kolchak, the United States should take the lead as Great Britain and France are merely waiting for an opportunity to follow. In view of all the help given Denikin by England, I think it would help our prestige to take the lead in recognition. As Petrograd may be taken soon it would be better to grant recognition now, if you intend ultimately to grant recognition, rather than to wait.

I had a conversation with Lvoff90 and he begged earnestly for recognition of Kolchak at the earliest possible moment. He said that, in his opinion, it would help in keeping in check the reactionary army people, also he stated that the Russians were having a great deal of trouble with Secretary Baker in regard to Russian supplies. He said that the British had done a great deal, not only for Denikin but for Kolchak but apparently we had not been able to deliver supplies we expected to deliver owing to the opposition of the Secretary of War.

American Mission
  1. Sir Eyre Crowe, member of the British delegation at the Peace Conference.
  2. Prince George E. Lvov, former premier of the Russian Provisional Government.