Paris Peace Conf. 181.9202/160: Telegram

General Bandholtz to the Commission to Negotiate Peace

112. Replying to your No. 60 October 1st,52 U. S. Army officers on duty with this Mission are as follows: Officers of the Regular Army: Brig. General H. H. Bandholtz; Captain Nathan Horowitz, Coast Artillery; First Lieutenant Will Shafroth, Cavalry; Captain Charles B. Moore, Infantry, en route to report.

Officers not members of the Regular Army: Colonel J. T. Loree, Captain E. B. Gore, First Lieutenant Edward Montgomery, Second Lieutenant L. M. Hamilton.

In addition to foregoing following officers with military attaché to Roumania assist whenever practicable but are not assigned definitely to this Mission: Regular Army: Major H. E. Yates, Infantry, Captain W. E. Lucas, Infantry; Reserve Corps, Second Lieutenant N. B. Curtice, Motor Transport Corps.

  1. Not printed.