The Chargé in Great Britain ( Laughlin ) to the Secretary of State

No. 10300

Sir: With reference to my despatches Nos. 9011 of May 10, 9724 of August 19,4 and 10229 of November 14, 1918,5 I have the honor to transmit herewith, for the information of the Department, a copy of a letter which has been received from Professor Antoine Piip, who is described as Diplomatic Representative of Esthonia and Member of the Esthonian Council, and who is at present residing in London, protesting against certain acts of violence by the German army on the occasion of a demonstration which took place in Reval to celebrate the Allies’ victory and the early deliverance of Esthonia.

I have [etc.]

Irwin Laughlin

The Diplomatic Representative of Esthonia in London ( Piip ) to the American Ambassador ( Davis )

Sir: According to information at hand, on the occasion of the Allies’ victory and in view of the early delivery of the country, a manifestation took place in Reval, organised by the Esthonian National Council and the Provisional Government, Constantine Pats, Prime Minister, being at the head. This legal expression of joy by the Esthonian people was violently disturbed by the German troops, who are still in the country. They fired on the peaceful [Page 468] population holding the above-mentioned demonstration. A number of people were killed.

On behalf of the Esthonian National Council and the Provisional Government I have the honour to protest strongly against such acts of violence by the German army, and to ask you to kindly make the necessary arrangements that German troops must leave the whole Esthonian territory with the least possible delay.

I have [etc.]

Antoine Piip