763.72119/3194: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the Minister in Uruguay ( Jeffery )

Your December 20, 4 p.m.5 You may inform Minister for Foreign Affairs that the American Commission regards with sympathy the desire of the South and Central American States, which declared war on, or broke relations with, Germany to be represented at the Peace Conference; and while no assurances can be given in advance of the preliminary meeting of the delegates of the Great Powers, the American Commission will, at the appropriate moment, extend its good offices on behalf of its Latin-American neighbors falling within the foregoing categories. If your advice is asked, the advisability might be informally suggested of sending one or more delegates to Paris to be on the spot in case Uruguay is to be accorded representation at the Conference.

  1. Not printed; it transmitted the memorandum of the Uruguayan Minister for Foreign Affairs which was forwarded by the Acting Secretary of State to the Commission to Negotiate Peace in the Department’s telegram No. 124, Dec. 24, 1918, 5 p.m., p. 227.