Paris Peace Conf. 184.82/5

The Chief of the Press Bureau ( Baker ) to the Secretary of the Commission to Negotiate Peace ( Grew )

Subject: Appointments of British correspondents with the commissioners.

1. In reference to the decision of the Commission in regard to making appointments for British correspondents, I have sent the enclosed letter to Mr. Adam. I think it will cover the ground.

Ray Stannard Baker

The Chief of the Press Bureau ( Baker ) to Mr. George Adam

My Dear Mr. Adam : I have, in accordance with our conversation of the other day, taken up the matter of meetings of British correspondents with the American Commissioners. The present morning conferences with American newspaper men are not for the purpose of giving out news but are merely give and take conversations to bring about a clearer understanding between the Commission and the correspondents. It is felt that if the Commissioners appoint meetings with the British correspondents, they would also have to set a time for the French and Italian correspondents, and there seems, moreover, to be no arrangement by which the American correspondents will be given an opportunity of meeting the British Commissioners.

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It is our desire to cooperate fully with the British correspondents, and to grant them every facility in our Press Department, and we shall undertake to give any of the correspondents who come to us, here, the fullest possible information at our disposal. I wish, personally, to make the acquaintance of as many of the British correspondents as possible.

Very sincerely yours,

Ray Stannard Baker