File No. 763.72/9751

The Secretary of State to the Japanese Minister of Foreign Affairs ( Goto )


I have received with gratification your telegram of yesterday which expresses so frankly the spirit of good will for this country and of devotion to the common cause to which we are pledged.

It is needless to assure Your Excellency that your words of confidence and esteem are fully reciprocated by this Government. Candor and friendship in all our relations are our supreme wish and purpose; and we feel confident that guided by this spirit the United States and Japan will enjoy an even better understanding, if that is possible, than the understanding which today characterizes their intercourse.

I appreciate your words concerning our personal association, and I am highly honored in this relationship looking forward as I do with confidence to a continuance of the cordial spirit of helpfulness which has been so manifest in these days of conflict when the bonds of mutual interest draw our countries so closely together.

Please accept my expressions of sincere esteem and of earnest desire to cooperate with you in vigorously and successfully resisting our common enemy who menaces the national safety of Japan as well as that of the United States.

Robert Lansing