File No. 763.72/10985

The Minister in the Netherlands ( Garrett) to the Secretary of State


3911. My 3908, 10th.2 German communiqués of 8th evening and 9th morning unique in open admission of enemy successes thus showing possible responsiveness to campaign for truth about military situation waged by Rathenau, Rohr[bach] and even Reventlow. Great astonishment unquestionably existed in German mind over unexcelled [unexpected] reverses. Home propaganda is endeavoring to turn dismay into dogged determination. Difficult to forecast what iconoclastic effect this violent and sudden shock of truth will have upon German [public] so long immune from thoughts of imminent danger. In apparent attempt to divert public interest, press is giving undue publicity to matters of secondary importance, as for example, [Page 297] Prussian-Bavarian differences resulting from alleged discrimination in meat distribution in favor of Berlin; the bitterness of this discussion is believed to be indicative, however, of the general irritability.

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