File No. 867.4016/162

The Ambassador in Turkey (Morgenthau) to the Secretary of State


1130. Your 1165, October 6. Have not received your 973, 974, 972, 1010, 1028.1 Impossible to say definitely that permission for Armenians generally can be secured. When contents your 10231 were [communicated] to the Sublime Porte, it stated that as most of the deported Armenians are still en route it is advisable to wait for a short time until deportation has ceased and caravans have reached their destination. The Sublime Porte will know then their whereabouts and will consider applications for emigration to United States. Until now, very few Armenians have been permitted to leave Turkey. All had to go through Constantinople. On receipt of names and particulars I shall do my best to secure permission at the opportune moment.

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