File No. 793.94/549.

The Japanese Embassy to the Department of State.23

regarding the province of shantung.

Engagement by China to accept the arrangement Japan may make with Germany regarding the disposition such as transfer of all the rights and interests which Germany possesses in relation to the Province of Shantung, by virtue of treaties or otherwise.
Engagement on the part of the Chinese Government not to alienate or lease, upon any pretext, the Province of Shantung or any portion thereof or any of the islands along its coast.
Permission for construction by Japan of railway connecting Chefoo or Lungkou with the Tsingtao-Tsinan Railway.
Establishment of more open marts in the Province of Shantung.

regarding south manchuria and eastern mongolia.

Extension of the term of the lease of Kwantung territory and of the South Manchurian Railway and the Antung-Mukden Railway concessions.
To accord to Japan the rights of residence and land ownership, and the mining concessions to be specifically named in South Manchuria and Eastern Mongolia.
Consent of Japan to be first obtained in cases where, in connection with the above regions, railway concession is to be granted to, or funds for railway construction are to be sought of, the people [Page 84] of any other nationality, or where loan is to be raised in or from any other country with the taxes or duties in the above regions as security.
Japan to be first consulted regarding the employment of advisors or instructors in connection with the political, financial or military affairs in the above regions.
To entrust Japan with the control and operation of the Kirin-Changchun Railway.

respecting the territorial integrity of china.

Engagement on the part of the Chinese Government not to alienate or lease any port, bay or island along the coast of China.

regarding the han-yeh-p’ing iron and coal company.

Agreement in principle to having the Han-yeh-p’ing Iron and Coal Company made a joint Chino-Japanese undertaking at an appropriate time in the future.

  1. An undated memorandum handed to the Secretary of State by the Japanese Ambassador, February 8, 1915.