File No. 312.41/254.

Consul Letcher to the Secretary of State.138

No. 494.]

Sir: I have the honor to report that the British Vice Consul in this city has called my attention privately to the circumstance that General Villa has ordered the sequestration of the Hacienda de los Remedios, the property of the widow of the late William S. Benton, the British subject who was murdered by Villa or his agents at Juarez in February last, and has asked my aid in preventing the consummation of the act now projected. I enclose herewith a copy of Villa’s order in the case.

As I am informed, there is no cloud upon the title to the property in so far as Mrs. Benton is concerned.

I have [etc.]

Marion Letcher


To the Military Commander, Santa Maria de Cuevas:

By this letter authorization is given to you in the most ample and effective manner, by the General Headquarters under my charge, to immediately proceed to the distribution of the land of the Hacienda de los Remedios among the neighbors of the town of Santa Maria de las Cuevas, with the purpose that it be cultivated the present year with the understanding that proper ownership of the property will be arranged afterwards. The administrator or person in charge that is managing the property may appear before the General Treasurer of the State to collect the value of the rents of the property referred to.

Francisco Villa
  1. Communicated to the British Ambassador June 16, 1914.