File No. 312.115/95.

Vice Consul Davis to the Secretary of State.

No. 508.]

Sir: I have the honor to say that I am herewith forwarding the correspondence107—so far had—between this Consulate and the Military Governor of this State, General Manuel M. Dieguez, on the subject of the Compañía Galletera Nacional—organized under the laws of Mexico—at least 97 per cent of whose stock is owned by Americans.

I feel quite sure that the reason of Governor Diéguez delay in answering my last note is because he has referred the matter to Mexico City for resolution.

Am I right in asking exemption from forced loans in such cases? I am not entirely sure, and I am asking information by this dispatch to avoid the possible necessity of having to telegraph.

I have [etc.]

Will B. Davis
  1. Not printed.