File No. 812.00/9367.

The American Chargé d’Affaires to the Secretary of State.

No. 2093.]

Sir: I have the honor to transmit herewith for the Department’s information, a clipping from the Mexican Herald of October 11, 1913, in regard to the dissolution of the Mexican Congress.

I have [etc.]

Nelson O’Shaughnessy.


The Mexican Herald, October 11, 1913.

executive decree explains necessity for radical step.

[Extract from Decree of October 10.]

Victoriano Huerta, Constitutional President ad interim of the United Mexican States, to their inhabitants, know ye:

That in view of the grave and exceptional circumstances through which the nation is passing, and

Considering [etc.—a long arraignment of the Congress.]

For these reasons I have seen fit to issue the following decree:

  • Article 1. The Chambers of Deputies and Senators of the Twenty-sixth Congress of the Union are declared dissolved from this moment and inhabilitated to perform their functions. In consequence any acts or dispositions of said legislative body will be null and can not receive the sanction of the Executive Power of the United Mexican States.
  • Article 2. The Mexican people is hereby convoked to extraordinary elections for Deputies and Senators of the Congress of the Union. These elections shall take place on the 26th day of the present month, and the territorial division made for the extraordinary elections for President and Vice President of the Republic, which are to take place on the same date, will also serve for these.
  • [Articles 3, 4, 5 and 6 deal with the details of the election.]

Wherefore I order that this be published [etc.]

V. Huerta.

proclamation to nation issued by president victoriano huerta.



One of the greatest sacrifices that I have been obliged to make is the issuance of the decree which has as its purpose the dissolution of the Legislative Power, which I always have treated with the greatest respect.

[Arraignment of the Congress.]

When I received a communication from the Chamber of Deputies1 threatening the Executive and invading the constitutional faculties of the other Powers, [Page 841] I sent the Minister of Gobernación to ask that that body reconsider its resolutions. All was in vain. The reserves of prudence and order being exhausted, I was forced to decide upon the dissolution of the Legislative Power in order that the voting public, satiated with the anguish of a long civil war, may send to the national representative body citizens whose only zeal, whose only ideal, is the reconstruction of the fatherland upon a solid foundation of public peace.

V. Huerta.

president dissolves congress and calls for new elections.

[Extract from news item.]

The Lower House of Congress was dissolved by force of arms yesterday afternoon, the Liberal and Ilenovador members being arrested and sent to the penitentiary by order of President Victoriano Huerta. Minister Garza Aldape of the Department of Gobernación attempted to persuade the Deputies to retract their action of Thursday but failed and then ordered the arrests made.

After a committee of Senators had conferred with the President and the Upper House had been fully informed of the happenings in the associate assembly, it adjourned without date. A record of the events leading up to the dissolution was drawn up and signed by the Senators.

None of the members of the Upper House was arrested and it was stated last night that President Huerta had assured them that the Deputies under arrest would be treated with due consideration.

  1. In accordance with the resolutions transmitted in Mr. O’Shaughnessy’s telegram of October 10, 10 a.m.