File No. 882.20.

The American Minister to the Secretary of State.

No. 10.]

Sir: I have the honor to herewith transmit a copy of a dispatch received from the Liberian Government, concerning the assistance which the President of the United States has intimated to the Liberian Government it was his intention to lend it,1 in its military department.

I most respectfully request that this matter receive from the Department whatever action seems appropriate to it in the premises.

I am [etc.]

Wm. D. Crum.

The Liberian Secretary of State to the American Minister.

Excellency: The President of the United States having intimated to the Government of Liberia his intention to assist Liberia by appointing military officers for service in the Liberian Frontier Force, I have been directed by His Excellency President Barclay to request the Government of the United States to nominate officers for service in said force.

I am further directed to request that Lieutenant B. O. Davis, Military Attaché to the American Legation at Monrovia, be detailed for such service as senior officer, if not incompatible with the regulations of the United States Army.

I have the honor to request that your excellency will transmit these requests to the State Department at Washington at your earliest convenience.

I have [etc.]

F. E. R. Johnson.
  1. See the President’s message, p. xxiii.