File No. 811.34537/53.

The Acting Secretary of Navy to the Secretary of State.

Sir: I have the honor to acknowledge the receipt of the Department of State’s letter No. 811.34537/50, of the 6th instant,1 inclosing for the information of this Department a copy of a dispatch No. 644 from the American minister at Habana, in which he reports that the question of the extension of the naval station at Guantánamo will remain in abeyance until some reply can be made in regard to the matters referred to by the Cuban secretary of state in previous correspondence on the subject.

This Department, having expressed its opinion that the naval reservation at Bahía Honda should be offered as a concession in return for the proposed extension at Guantánamo, knows of no other concession within its province to recommend, and will be pleased to receive and consider any suggestion that might expedite the negotiations.

Beekman Winthrop.
  1. Not printed.