Minister Rockhill to the Secretary of State.

No. 302.]

Sir: I have the honor to acknowledge as follows the receipt of the department’s cablegram of the 3d (2d) instant:a

On receipt of the above I wired our consul-general at Canton, asking if the Presbyterian mission had filed with him any claims for losses incurred at Lienchou and for the death of members of the mission and their families.

I received yesterday the following reply:

Rockhill, Peking:

Treasurer of the Presbyterian mission here authorized by his board to receive claims for indemnity. Filed two claims at the consulate, one for losses American property and the other converts’ property, all as per lists of losses inclosed our unnumbered dispatch December 16. Mission does not seek indemnity for deaths. We are informed converts’ losses will be paid if they are presented to Chinese Government.


Upon receipt of this telegram I cabled you, on the 5th instant, as follows:a

For your further information I inclose herewith copies of the lists referred to in Mr. Lay’s telegram of May 4, which were sent to me in his dispatch of December 16 last. I beg to call your attention to the error in the total of American losses, which apparently should be $49,896.40 Mexican instead of $52,786.40, and a similar error in the total of Chinese losses, which should read $9,258.86 Mexican and not $9,057.86. I have informed Mr. Lay of these discrepancies.

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I may also add that in a recent dispatch Mr. Lay informed me that he was told that the Chinese authorities had some time ago deposited with the International Banking Corporation a sum sufficient for the payment of the claims of the mission.

I have, etc.,

W. W. Rockhill.
[Inclosure 1.]

statement of loss of life and property.

We find the following * * * destruction of property, occurring at Lienchou, Province of Kwangtung, China, on the 28th day of October, 1905, viz:

Losses of real estate.

[Values are expressed in Mexican currency.]

Description. First cost. To replace.
Men’s hospital, large building, private wards $4.350.00 $4.500.00
Women’s hospital, large building, private wards 3,200.00 1,000.00
Mary Whitmore Dwight Memorial, Bible women’s hall 1,200.00 1,700.00
Church building 4,000.00 4,500.00
Chinese preacher’s house 450.00 600.00
Doctor Machle’s house 3,900.00 5,000.00
Watchmen’s lodge and chicken house 61.00
Rev. R. F. Edwards’s residence 4,000.00 4,500.00
Horse stable 160.00
Wire fence around property 300.00 300.00
Wall around cemetery 100.00 100.00
Three tombstones 125.00 125.00
Chinese house:
Doctor Machle’s 141.00 a41.00
Doctor Chestnut’s 171.00 a71.00
Superintendent’s fees for overseeing erection of buildings, 5 per cent cost of building 1,392.90
21,937.00 1,392.90

Furnishing buildings and losses of personal property.

Men’s hospital $31.00
Women’s hospital 2,831.80
Mary Whitmore Memorial Bible women’s hall 312.80
Church building 374.00
Chinese preacher’s house, books and furniture 300.00
Doctor Machle’s house (in this house also mission property) 6,776.90
Rev. R. F. Edwards is personal property 1,500.00
Miss Patterson’s personal property 800.00
Reverend and Mrs. Peale is personal property 1,000.00
Reverend Scheirer’s furniture (property of mission board) 200.00
Station library, with bookcases 2,500.00
Cash lost ($150. $70; $200 in silver, $20 in pennies) 450.00
Allowance for exchange, customs, shipment 500.00
Real estate 29,250.90
Grand total 52,786.40
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[Inclosure 2.]

Losses of personal property of Chinese at Lienchou, October 28, 1905.

Lai Sing Shang $535.00
Money in his possession (including goods) 344.50
Mo Luk Nang 278.40
U. Shun Po 73.53
Chan Pah Shek 13.20
Mo. U. Cheung 34.40
Lin U. Shi 79.33
Chan Pai So 42.00
Mo Nam Ping 145.00
Lo So 128.50
Wong Ah Leung 21.40
So Pak (girls’ school) 16.80
Wong Ah Psung 155.10
Ng Pang Shi 15.65
Lun Fook Shang 4.25
Pang Yan Kam 69.10
Chan Shi and children 243.10
Shin Psung Shi 19.40
Hui Sz Tsung 11.75
Pak Mei (Peh ho) 60.00
Yan Neung 174.00
Man San 57.00
Lei Yih 56.70
Kwai Fa 11.30
Chan Lin Shi 35.90
Shin Lei Shan 7.10
Cheung E. So 16.50
Chan Shik Mei 40.00
Shin Pai So 43.10
Lung Pang Shu 9.95
An Yeung Yin Yam 6.55
Wong Ah Kwai 1.05
Chan Po Hing . 55
Shin Ah Ne 2.35
Lo Lang Ching 6.70
Kam San Ching 5.95
Pang Psung Yan 1.20
Pun Wan Shu 3.05
An Yeung Psunk 1.70
Ching Mei 7.70
Hui Tsni Fo 2.60
Wong Ah Kit 47.40
Shin Ah Tsoi 31.05
Pun Fuk Lam 82.90
Mo Meun Tsoi 42.00
Wong Yan Shin 107.75
Cheong Mei Yung 56.25
Tsimg Fo Po 11.60
Chan Sam So 109.45
Liu Fuk Shang 4.25
Lo Kam Tseung 32.10
So Leung Sheung 2.00
Tsui Wing Cheung 11.00
Wong Chin Kin 12.50
Cheung Sz Kai 87.75
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Hookun and children (alias Goo Shin Yin) 3,651.15
Mrs. Chee Shu 1,631.90
Wong Meng Shang 69,00
Luk Tak Hing 37.35
Leong Wong Shu 20.10
Mrs. –– 430.00
Total 9,057.86
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