Mr. Hay to Mr. Herdliska.

[Circular telegram.]1

French Government advises us that all powers acquiesce in French proposed terms, with some reservations, which, like ours, are open to discussion and need not embarrass negotiations. France urges that the powers evince readiness to negotiate by communicating to Chinese plenipotentiaries the propositions whereon we are agreed, leaving others for discussion during negotiations. Minister Conger has been instructed to confer with colleagues with view to doing this. We have assured the French Government of our anxiety to have negotiations begun as soon as we and other powers are satisfied of Emperor’s ability and power to deal justly and sternly with responsible offenders. President has also answered an appeal of Chinese Emperor in this sense.

Answering last French communique, we say this Government believes that the happy influence upon determinations of Chinese Emperor and Government, which France expects to result from the course she urges, would be enhanced if powers included in their initial declaration a collective manifestation of their determination to preserve territoral integrity and administrative entirety of China and secure for Chinese nation and themselves the benefits of open and equal commercial intercourse between China and the world.

Convey this to the foreign office.

  1. The above telegram also sent to the United States representatives at Berlin, Paris, London, Rome, St. Petersburg, Tokio.