Mr. Hunter to Mr. Hay.

Sir: I have the honor to inform you that the United States flagship Philadelphia, Rear-Admiral Albert Kautz, commanding, reached San José, Guatemala, on the 30th ultimo. The Admiral wired that he desired to pay his respects to me and to have an audience with the President, and that he would be accompanied by five of his staff officers. This fact I communicated in person to the President, who at once invited them to become the nation’s guests during their stay in Guatemala. At 6 o’clock on the evening of the 31st, the Admiral and staff arrived in this city on a special provided by Colonel Hodgson, manager of the Guatemala Central Road. They were met 10 miles out by a committee from the American club, a number of prominent Americans, and the secretary of this legation.

I received them at the depot and introduced them to the minister of foreign affairs and an officer of the President’s staff sent to welcome them to Guatemala in the name of the President. Suitable quarters were procured at the Grand Union Hotel, where they remained until their departure yesterday morning.

They were royally entertained by the Government and citizens during their stay here.

At 1 o’clock p.m. on the 1st instant the President received them most cordially at the palace. They held a reception at the United States legation from 2 to 4 o’clock on the same day. The cabinet and [Page 361] other high Government officials, the diplomatic corps, and prominent citizens called to pay their respects.

Two entertainments were given in their honor at the American Club, at one of which the President attended. They were invited to a ball at the Guatemalan Club and a banquet was given them at the American legation.

A magnificent banquet and breakfast was given them by the President at Villa la Aurora, situated in a beautiful Government park, 3 miles south of this city, which the President attended, accompanied by the Cabinet and other high Government officials. About sixty of the most prominent citizens of the city were invited.

The villa was tastefully decorated with American and Guatemalan flags, and the military band furnished delightful music, with an occasional American and Guatemalan air.

The President drank to the American Navy, and spoke at some length eulogistic of the United States, to which the Admiral responded. The banquet was a great success and regarded by all present as the most superb entertainment of the kind ever given in Guatemala.

As the menu1 of the President’s banquet had a handsome picture of the Philadelphia, one will be found hereto attached.

The Admiral and staff left this morning for San José, delighted with their reception in this city, and accompanied by a member of the President’s staff.

I have, etc.,

W. Godfrey Hunter.
  1. Not printed.