Mr. Seward to Señor Garcia.

Sir: This department has been furnished by Mr. Thornton, her Britannic Majesty’s minister here, with a copy of a letter from S. C. Montjoy, esquire, United States consul at Lambayeque, Peru, addressed to Mr. Jorningham, British chargé d‘affaires at Lima. From that communication it appears that two British subjects, named Thomas Tells and Thomas A. Batt, residing at Lambayeque, have been grievously and without provocation injured in their persons and property by the authorities there. Mr. Montjoy alleges that the persons referred to had been entirely neutral during the late revolution in that quarter.

Although it is not unlikely that this subject has already been brought to the notice of the Peruvian government, I will thank you to inform that government that, as friends of the republic of Peru, it is painful to us to receive such communications, and to express a hope that due inquiry will be made into the particular cases adverted to, with a view to such redress as the result may call for, and that all practicable efforts will be made to prevent a recurrence of such acts.

I avail myself of this occasion to offer to you, sir, a renewed assurance of my high consideration.


Señor Don José Antonio Garcia Y. Garcia, &c., & c., &c.